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Despite Trump's claims, experts say there's no 'magic wand' for a president to declassify documents
By Mike Levine and Lucien Bruggeman
Yesterday, 10:04 AM EDT Story from US Mike Levine, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Abbott meeting with Uvalde victims, families under scrutiny
By Ismael Estrada, Jenny Wagnon Courts and Lucien Bruggeman
August 13, 2022 Story from US Ismael Estrada, Jenny Wagnon Courts, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Pentagon deleted texts from key Trump officials after Jan. 6, watchdog group says
By Luis Martinez and Lucien Bruggeman
August 3, 2022 Story from US Luis Martinez, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
What past cases reveal about Trump's legal exposure following FBI raid
By Lucien Bruggeman
August 10, 2022 Story from US Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Who should be labeled a terrorist? Jan. 6 sentencing fuels the debate
By Lucien Bruggeman
August 2, 2022 Story from US Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Uvalde school’s alert system hampered by poor Wi-Fi and desensitized staff: Report
By Lucien Bruggeman
July 20, 2022 Story from US Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Uvalde residents confront school board over response to shooting
By Olivia Osteen, Patrick Linehan, Josh Margolin and Lucien Bruggeman
August 9, 2022 Story from US Olivia Osteen, Patrick Linehan, Josh Margolin, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
8 years before Uvalde, Arredondo was demoted from previous law enforcement position: Report
By Lucien Bruggeman
August 4, 2022 Story from US Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Texas outlets publish disturbing Uvalde surveillance video ahead of public release
By Lucien Bruggeman and Meredith Deliso
July 13, 2022 Story from US Lucien Bruggeman, Meredith Deliso , ABC News
Republican Liz Cheney calls Trump 'clearly unfit for future office'
By Lucien Bruggeman
January 2, 2022 Story from Politics Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
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